About Beth Foster

The Linen Cat offers a collection of textile designs with an emphasis on style and quality.  All my designs are handmade, I aim to create beautiful gifts, in limited stock and new ranges are added frequently, so do keep checking the site and my blog.

Since early childhood I have had an interest in art and textiles, having been taught embroidery by my Grandmother and sewing by my Mother, both of whom have been a big influence; I prize my collection of vintage buttons, bits and bobs that I inherited from them and over the years and my house is scattered with their home made makes. I've always known that my career would be based around art and the natural progression was Art College, Foundation; followed by a Degree in Theater Design, specialising in Costume. I enjoy crafting in many forms, from sewing to millinery and I love to try out new ideas.

I decided to set up The Linen Cat after creating a bunny for one of my young boys and immediately wanting to make more. Inspiration comes from nature, my love of textiles and anything vintage.  I like simple designs with bright accents that show off the fabrics and my preference is for natural fibers, especially linen and wool tweed; I'm constantly on the look out for new materials and spend far too long sorting buttons into glass jars!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss and order, I would be pleased to help. You can also visit my blog to find out more.

Beth Foster